Oak Framed Building Could Be A Solution For People Who Want to Live Off-Grid 

Today’s world is, for many of us, a scary, scary place. Injustice, war, poverty, politics… sometimes all of us want to just turn our backs on the whole lot of it and go live in the woods. Some people actually do just that.

Sustainable living sometimes involves a move to a remove off-grid location, at which point the first question is – what sort of home should we build? An oak-framed building could be the perfect solution for those who want to live off-grid.

Sustainable building, especially in a remove and environmentally sensitive location, is all about using materials that are eco-friendly, enduring and do not create a waste problem at the end of their life. Oak is all of those things. Oak is not necessarily the cheapest option but it may just be the best.

Constructing an off-grid home from oak is ideal for many locations. Small or large, an oak framed building with all its warmth and natural materials can really look at home. Even when it only went up the week before, it will look as though it has been there for years, almost as though it emerged organically from the soil.

Oak is an ideal material for those who care about the impact they have on their immediate surroundings and the broader environment. The solidity and quality of an oak structure also make it easier for off-grid individuals to heat and light their homes with less effort, using renewable resources around them.

So if you are considering an off-grid life – consider an oak framed building for your project.

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