Co-operative Uses For Oak Framed Buildings in Intentional Communities

An intentional community is one which has formed with the intention of living in a certain way, often one that is more attuned to nature and kinder on our planet. Oak is a medium that is often used building such communities and is an ideal material for anyone looking to build sustainably, whether it is on their own property or as part of a community project. Oak framed buildings can be used for a variety of different things in an intentional community.

For example, an oak framed building could be ideal as a communal meeting area where individuals living in the community can get together for social events or to plan or discuss details of development. A beautiful, sturdy and enduring oak framed building can provide the perfect environment for consensus and accord. Such a building can help to foster the attitude of co-operation that is key in a community of this sort, providing a restful and nurturing space where everyone can feel at home.

Oak framed buildings are also ideal for a range of other co-operative uses in an intentional community. A community may choose to have an oak framed workshop for everyone to work on community projects, a large oak framed greenhouse or glasshouse for communal growing, an oak framed gazebo or pergola for summer parties, an oak framed communal laundry or other utility area… the opportunities for using oak on an intentional community project are almost endless and oak is just the material for a community who cares.

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