An Oak Framed Extension Annex For Grown Up Children Living At Home

Unfortunately, not everyone gets the same chances in life. Sometimes, where we are born and in which society can mean disadvantage and a lack of the opportunities afforded to those born into more fortunate environments. Nowadays, it can also seem that our chances and opportunities depend not only on where we were born and to whom, but also when.

Many of us, whichever generation we belong to, have seen younger people struggling in a way that previous generations never really had to do. Grown up children are often, though choice or necessity, staying at home and living with their parents. This can lead to difficult and often problematic living conditions all round. An oak framed extension annex for grown up children living at home could be the perfect solution.

An oak framed extension could allow parents to breathe again and regain their own space. It can also help restore good relations between the generations, where these have become frayed by living in too close quarters. Bright, breezy, beautiful and generous, an oak framed extension will enhance your home as well as giving space and sanity to a shared home.

Just imagine what a boon an oak framed extension could be to your grown child, who could become more independent and live with a certain amount of privacy and autonomy while still benefiting from having parents close at hand. The extra space may even spark a creative idea and open up the possibilities of a business run from home. Allow your child to flourish and give them space to stretch their wings, even when they cannot yet fly too far from home.

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